Holographic Gravitation

At the last Wednesday, the 24.09, I have a talk at my old high school with the title:

Holographic Gravity
Black Holes and Information.

I tried to explain to people of normal high school level to explain by a lot of analogies like fishes in a pool with a drain hole are "analog" to a black hole and several others, how the idea of holography came up during the last decades and how we can understand this.

This talk was very close to the one Leonard Susskind gave some years are and I have chosen his way, expect of the String Theory part, because it summarizes the whole concept of holographic gravity in a very basic way that is even for pupils easy to understand.

This kind of talk is the second on I gave (the first one was exactly one year ago in the same school and had something to do with Quantum Information Theory) and I will definitely continue to give more talks like this on a public level because I think it is very import that we should not sit in our universities and wait for students to come to us. Rather we should try to go to them and fascinate them we the things we accomplished.

Here you can find the slides to the talk (German):


And here is also a report of my talk from the high school:


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